I bought the boys naughty chocolate for their Christmas stockings earlier this year. They’ve been hidden in my knicker drawer safe and secure for a couple of months. No-one would venture there. Now you’d expect this to be cheap low cocoa nastiness but they’re actually Galaxy bars rewrapped. Even though I’m a posh choc kind of girl I’m rather partial to Galaxy’s creaminess so might even sneak a nibble myself.

The boys were delighted by this extreme show of childishness. Louis was, in particular, impressed by his ‘Wanker Bar’. He was a little annoyed on another count though. I’d given the ‘Cockwomble’ bar to Hot Stuff rather than him. What a great word! It raised more than a giggle the first time that I heard this insult.

Here it is again on a sign that appeared outside a local cocktail bar just before the easing of lockdown in the spring. It raised a giggle the first time that I saw it but contained some very wise advice. It’s such a shame that the basics of considerate behaviour needs to be spelt out to some people.

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