Clotted Cream Ice Cream

Now Hot Stuff is a bit of a dab hand at making scones and on the Jubilee weekend we’d arranged to have a cream tea with the neighbours. Sadly they got poorly and had to cancel at the last moment. So the scones didn’t get made but we had been shopping for other supplies. Rather than eating it all at once I decided to make clotted cream ice cream to use up the massive tub I’d bought. It turned out to be the easy-peasiest recipe ever. Perfect with strawberries but sadly not our first crop from the allotment. There’s only been a few which Hot Stuff has munched while doing the weeding. No wonder he hasn’t minded going there on his own!

Now we’ve got an ice cream maker. Here it is. During a past lunchtime discussion at work I tried to argue that I had very few kitchen gadgets. I was shot down in flames when I owned up to it. It was a bargain, something like twenty five quid on Facebook marketplace. It’s a heavy beast with its own built in cooling unit and cost well over a hundred pounds new. I’ve had one of those cheaper ones where you have to freeze the bowl before. It didn’t get used much and just took up valuable space in a place fish fingers and frozen peas normally inhabit. Anyway this one is a proper workhorse and gets plenty of outings in the summer months.

A lot of ice cream recipes demand a bit of love and care in the form of making a custard base. It’s worth the time and patience for the end project. But I found one for clotted cream ice cream from Stamfrey Farm in Yorkshire where there wasn’t all that nonsense. The lack of faffing didn’t affect its deliciousness. The recipe just involved whisking cream and milk then sugar and eggs, mixing them up and then churning in the machine in two batches. Follow the link here if you’d like to try it. And yes I agree with the blurb on the farm’s website. It will be perfect with rhubarb crumble!

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  1. Sounds fabulous! I’m not a great fan of cream on my scones but clotted cream ice cream does sound great. Maybe you could try a kind of “Devon Mess” – a deconstructed scone/jam(or strawberries) (or both!)/ice cream combo. Or maybe not…

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