Clio Graham

I am going to show off some of the ceramics that I have in my home. These particular pieces by Clio Graham fill my American friend, the Second Martha Stewart, with envy. If I was a nicer person I’d gift them to her. But I’m not! She’s just going to have to be content, for now, with the mosaics that I make for her.

I’ve done a bit of research and found out that Clio Graham now lives in Lancashire but she used to be based in the Somerset Levels. It looks like she took lots of inspiration from her watery surroundings. My pottery is made from earthenware decorated with slip. I love the creatures as well as the precise sgrafito calligraphy. Now that must have taken some planning. The bowls are big. They’d each hold a lot of fruit but then it would be a shame to cover up those beautiful frogs, fish and birds.

I have a large jug too. Sadly I’ve broken the handle, a hazard of dyspraxia. But it’s still a functional container. Now you must be thinking that these intricate pieces must have cost a pretty penny but you’d be wrong. There’s a story behind how I got them. I found them in a local charity shop priced at eight pounds for all three. I fell in love and couldn’t really believe that someone had given them away. My friend, who was with me, had been staying at my house. She bought them as a present to thank me for her visit. Despite the little accident with the jug they are very treasured in their current home.

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