No not a spelling mistake! Chitting is a real word and what you do to potato tubers to prepare them for planting. The good news is that these babies were, to all intents and purposes, free. They were the last of the WIlja in the big bag we bought before Christmas. The tatties were way past their best but have been saved from the compost heap to live another season. Although I’m not sure whether it will be an early or late one. Potatoes, I have discovered recently, are categorised according to when they are planted.

So these were sitting in the kitchen in an egg tray for a few weeks. And left to their own devices they’ve sprouted more vigorously than they would have done in the sack. That’s the chitting part. They’ve shooted and shrivelled enough to plant them out on the allotment. I loved the way that the one at the front of the picture looks like she’s giving her friend to the left a big cuddle! I’ve made sure that she was buried close by to her friend. Having a broken hearted spud would never do.

I’m getting into this growing lark. My ginger is looking like it’s woken up and there are now leaves on sweet peas that were planted and soaked about a week ago. It’s just like magic! And here’s our brand new compost heap made from wreckage from winter storms. It’s already keeping the worms busy as it’s half full already. Of course there’s vegetation from the allotment in there but also a couple of sacks of seaweed gathered after a swim this week. Another episode of blowy weather had brought it inland. It seems that my mind has retuned itself to think horticulturally in the most unlikely of circumstances!

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  1. I never seem to tire of growing some of my own produce, however odd it can look. On of my proudest ‘growing’ moments was producing a strawberry that looked like Gonzo from The Muppets. Wouldn’t it be great if most lawns were turned into growing spaces instead? And if everyone who wanted it had access to some growing space? Happy allotment growing to you.

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