Chickpea Saute

Years ago I didn’t eat meat. My resolve finally melted away when I was confronted with those beautiful dried sausages that the Europeans produce. Lonzu, that I came across on Corsica, a wonderful delicacy made from fillet of pork is a particular favourite. And of course seafood was a stumbling point. Once my first crab sandwich passed my lips after a long absence I was on a roll,

I still enjoy meat-free eating although it’s difficult with a pernickety household Chickpea Saute, a lovely dish conceived by Yotam Ottolenghi from his former column, the ‘New Vegetarian’. It remains a firm favourite of mine even though it’s more than a decade since the recipe was first published. It’s still available on the Guardian website and is a wonderful combination of complex flavours and textures, sweet carrots, herbs, carraway seeds and olive oil all feature. The recipe calls for Swiss chard. However I haven’t grown that on my allotment yet so when I cooked my saute this week I substituted winter greens. I’m sure the recipe could easily be adapted to feed vegans with the substitution of whatever you guys might use instead of Greek yoghurt.

Was it a hit with the fussy ones? Err no! ‘That’s not a meal.’ said Louis when he looked in the pan. There was mention of Domino’s by Hot Stuff. Honestly you’d think that they were descended from sabre toothed tigers! I’ll still be knocking it up though when I’m next home alone. Chickpea saute is great as a main dish and the leftovers make a lovely packed lunch.

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