Chicken Cacciatore

Here’s a little bit of an insight about what it’s like cooking a meal in Klaus the Knaus, my motorhome. This is pretty much all the space that I have. There is a lift up workspace with two gas rings and a sink and drainer underneath it. My one pot repertoire is very stretched indeed. On a special occasion I pull out the stops and use both rings. It calls for a little resourcefulness. While on holiday I was pleased to come across Thomasina Mier’s recipe in the Guardian for Chicken Cacciatore. You can find it by following the link here.

I had a quick squizz through the instructions and decided that it was an ideal new meal for holiday cooking. Unusually for me I was even prepared to follow the recipe verboten. But then I couldn’t find any fennel in the Spanish supermarket. This gave me permission to go off piste. After all doesn’t chicken cacciatore mean hunter’s chicken? Wouldn’t a hunter be the type of bloke that made up a dish as he went along? Furthermore the Guardian has also featured other versions with different ingredients.

So, my version of the dish, made with some lovely fat corn fed chicken thighs, omitted the fennel. I didn’t use fresh tomatoes but instead used a tin of chopped ones. There was most of a jar of pasta sauce left over in the fridge so I used that up to. After all, space in there is tight as well. And as we were in Spain I perused the tins of pimento that I’d been impulse buying during my shops. I used a lovely smoked one.

The chicken cacciatore simmered away until it was thick and unctuous. I whiled away the time with a glass of that leftover cooking wine. As Ms Miers describes the chicken fell off the bone. I served it with buttery mash. Very good it was too. I think it will be one that I’ll be cooking again, at home as well as in the motorhome.

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  1. That looks good! Would a slow cooker be of help in KtheK? Then you just throw everything in and it cooks during the day. Lidl does a good basic one which I use quite a lot. Mind you, if space is a premium, it becomes something else to find a space for, so maybe not such a brainwave…

    • When I lived in the van I used to have a slow cooker but it needs hook up. We have an induction cooker still in here but I’m going to take it out because we never use it. I think I might do this recipe in the slow cooker we’ve got at home. However it didn’t really take that long for the meat to fall off the bone. Could be one I cook both ways!

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