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It’s a Bank Holiday and ideally I’d have liked to fill in with back to back leisure activities. We’re hoping to pop out in our kayaks later today. Yesterday though I was too knackered to paddle anywhere. On Saturday we’d worked our little socks off getting Hot Stuff’s house ready to go on the market, a day of cleaning, sorting and moving stuff around. It’s now ready for the estate agent to take photos next week. We popped into her office in town to hand over some paperwork.

While we were there we stocked up with provisions. It would be rude not too. Bonners, a proper old fashioned butcher’s shop always does well out of us. We bought a piece of pork for our Sunday roast and a barbecue pack which we freeze. The marinated meats are the basis of quick midweek meals. Oh and I forgot about the massive faggots! To hastily explain to overseas visitors, these are traditional British fayre, cheap, tasty offal meatballs that I bake in the oven in gravy. I’m not making a slight on larger members of the gay community.

The other place that is on our radar is the cheese shop pictured here. Now I love cheddar so much that, before UK import/export got weird under Brexit, I used to take it to France with us. Sacrilege! When I told a French colleague she was horrified. She did not buy my excuse that it was the tops to cook with. ‘You can’t be one of those people who bring teabags as well?’ Yes, that’s me! Nothing beats a proper English brew. Anyway Silver St. Dairy has secret stock that is not on display. It almost sounds like you’re engaging in illegal activity when you ask for ‘Under the Counter Cheddar’. However instead of illicit substances you get a cheese that first tastes creamy and innocuous. It then packs a punch that would have knocked out Muhammad Ali in his heyday.

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