Charm Bracelets

In the interest of keeping my eBay reselling business simple I’ve been scratching my head and thinking more about things that will be easy to sell. Some years ago I experimented with sourcing, restoring and selling vintage jewellery. I had some success with buying silver charm bracelets, removing the charms and listing the various components separately. I thought that I’d give this another go.

So I’ve bought three on eBay, two of which are pictured here. The third is grubby. It needs some TLC before I put it on display. I love these charm bracelets far more than the modern beaded ones that you get these days. I’m especially keen on the little objects that open. They often delight. If you look carefully at the second picture I’ve posted there’s a tiny doctor’s bag. When you open it up there’s a baby. Now that’s what I call a delivery!

I’m struggling with photographing the tiny silver objects at the moment but I’m just going to have to practice with the macro setting on my phone. But I didn’t do badly snapping a close up of this charm that I love. It contains an old ten shilling bill. You break the glass when you need emergency money. Oh, and from my foray into selling last time here’s the ‘Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe’. I believe that my friend, Helen, who reads my blog snapped it up.

Part of me has been in two minds about breaking these pieces of jewellery into smaller lots. After all they tell the story of the people that they previously belonged to: their interests, preferences, professions and relationships. Some even have enamelled shields showing place names. Holiday souvenirs maybe?

Some of the charms have unusual subject matter. I unsuccessfully bid on a job lot the other day. One of them was a tiny ashtray and cigarette butt. Obviously it belonged to Fag Ash Lil in the past! But it’s a lovely thing that the charm bracelets can be reconfigured to reflect the personality of a new owner. There’s a tiny kayak on the mucky one that I haven’t shown. I may well keep it and it can start a collection on my own wrist of little symbols that have meaning for me.

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  1. My Essex grandmother had a gold charm bracelet, absolutely crammed with charms, it made a right old racket when she moved!
    They do have a certain charm to them but a bit old fashioned.
    Good luck with the selling!

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