Hot Stuff and I find it a little tricky to find presents for each other. After all we’re getting on a bit and have pretty much everything that we need. So these days we have to scratch our heads to come up with something. Maybe his secondhand Porta Potti for the van takes star prize. By the way I was very pleased with it. Unlike my old one it has wheels. It makes the ‘walk of shame’ across campsites to empty it so much easier. The couple that he bought it off had only used it for one weekend. Just for wees!

Last year I decided to buy Hot Stuff a comfy chair for his birthday. It was sort of symbolic of him being welcome in my home. As illustrated nicely by the used toilet example we don’t limit our gift buying to brand new. I trawled Facebook Marketplace and thought I’d found the perfect one. It was an Italian designer recliner that retailed for a few thousand pounds new. However I wasn’t quite sure. There were snags. I also had to make a decision quickly. So I decided to spill the beans and check with Hot Stuff first.

‘So let me get this straight” he said. ‘You want to buy me a secondhand recliner that is dirty and doesn’t work properly with my cash?’ He looked at the pictures in the advert. ‘Yes, it’s lovely. Get it!’ The chair arrived. It cleaned up nicely and Hot Stuff replaced the rise-recline mechanism in about twenty minutes. I popped the money back into his bank account and bought the spares. He still tells people though that he paid for his own chair. You can tell that he likes it though from the way that his head has made marks in the backrest!

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  1. It’s a nice looking chair- less recliner looking if that makes sense, then others. I too struggle with gifts and things that make life easier win now

    • Yes I see what you mean about it not looking like a recliner. I have ‘a-ha’ moments with gifts. Have not a clue what I will be buying Hot Stuff or Louis for Christmas but I’m sure that an idea will come!

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