Buying in Bulk

Just before the start of the first COVID-19 lockdown we panic bought flour. I’ll make a feeble excuse and say that we weren’t jumping on the baking bandwagon. Hot Stuff and I have been making our own bread for years. Some posh farm shop in Dorset was the beneficiary. We bought three 2kg bags of flour at way over the price that I normally stumped up in Lidl. Our artisanal purchase taught us something. Buying a quality milled flour made a big difference to the taste of our loaves and rolls. Really!

Perhaps we hadn’t realised the importance of ‘Our Daily Bread’ before. So we decided to plan ahead. Hot Stuff bought a 16kg bag of Marriages Bread Flour online. It arrived in the porch. ‘Sh*t!’ I thought when I first saw it. I was even more skeptical when I had to lug it into the house. ‘How are we ever going to get through that!’. I shouldn’t have worried. Two blown up bread machines later and we’re now on our fourth bag.

It’s not just bread that we’re buying in bulk these days. I’ve told you about the toilet rolls before but there’s other stuff too. Massive bags of Miles Tea, Maldon Seasalt by the bucket. and rapeseed and olive oil in lovely mental containers all arrive in quantities that would have an army quartermaster rubbing their hands. Lovely products at a good price. And there’s a little less to think about when planning the weekly shop!

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  1. I haven’t bulk bought really since our older kids grew up. Now, I get so lazy and disorganized I worry too much would go to waste. I am looking forward to baking bread again.

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