I’m studying ‘A Course in Miracles’, (ACIM) a spiritual text. It’s a big fat book and is going to take awhile. In all likelihood I’ll say more about it in the future. But starting at the very beginning ACIM says:

There is no order of difficulty in miracles.
One is not “harder” or “bigger” than another.
They are all the same.
All expressions of love are maximal.

These words bring hope in these troubled times. But as I mean this blog to be a place of respite and hope I’ll keep things light. So I’ll today I’ll tell a tale of a lovely incident that I view as a personal miracle.

To celebrate my fiftieth birthday I took my son Louis to the Pacific North West. He was twelve at the time and loved those interactive science museums. We’d ‘done’ the one in Vancouver and now in Seattle, we were off to a similar establishment, the second in the space of a week. Now a few more art galleries would have been my preference but you have to give and take when you have children. At least the Pacific Science Center had a Tropical Butterfly House that took my fancy.

Now the butterflies in this place sometimes land on people. I liked the idea of this so raised a quick prayer. ‘Please can a butterfly come and sit on me?’ I asked. It was a fun and frivolous request that I didn’t fret about too much. Apparently that is good from a manifestation point of view.

I see that the museum’s website says that visitors might need to check for accidental hitchhikers when leaving. To the surprise of the attendant I was covered in butterflies! I certainly got what I wished for. The picture shows my first winged friends that landed on my back.

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