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I’ve resurrected my blog! It’s been up and running for nearly three weeks. My stats show that there’s a few returning visitors already. Howdy all and thank you for joining me. I’m rather chuffed that you are coming along for the ride. On the whole I’m pleased that I chose to go it alone with building a blog. I’ve created my own website this rather than using Blogger like I’ve done in the past. I like its clean look, simplicity and its potential customisability. Is that a word? My spellcheck is saying ‘NO’ and has put a cross red wavy line under it. But hang it. Let me create new language as well as my own little writing empire!

On the minus side it’s a little more difficult to engage with other people. Blogger had its very own and easily accessible community. That’s one to work on. It’s also more tricky to set up a WordPress site, but I suppose that’s the price for unfettered creative freedom. I have so much more choice in how my website looks. For a layperson, I’m pretty tech savvy. I’ve played with computers since the mid ’80s and even dabbled in learning programming languages during my first degree. My earliest forays involved producing punch cards to input data. That was a right palaver. While things are easier in the 21st century I’m still left scratching my head much of the time. There’s a lot of trial, error and figuring stuff out but it’s all part of the fun. My geeky inner nerd is having a field day.

Of course there are blips. Sorry about these. Your patience is truly appreciated. I thought that I was Billy No Mates when the comments suddenly stopped coming. Then I’d realised that I’d turned off the facility to do that. Oops! Links to my own posts don’t work yet either. Goodness knows why. My latest project is adding buttons so that people can share my content. On paper, it’s a simple enough exercise except I can’t get my post pictures to show up when copied over to social media. I’ve found online fixes but after a hard day’s work in the NHS the instructions may as well be written in gobbledygook. I’ll have to figure it out when I’m less tired.

I have other plans too: sharing other people’s creative output, building up my social media followers, more permanent pages and maybe a video diary are all on the list. And yesterday Claire left a comment reminding me that I need a ‘subscribe’ button. That better go on the ‘To Do’ list as well. But building a blog takes time and there’s no real rush. For the moment I’ll focus on the writing. I’m very glad to have this creative channel back.

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  1. You’ll get there or should I say where you want to go with your blog. I’m stressed to think about changing platforms but Blogger has it’s challenges.

    • I tried a little bloglet on Blogger last year and its limitations was a major factor in why I gave up. But it’s perfectly adequate to showcase writing and you have got that ready made community.

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