Brixham UFO

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

When I went in search on Pixabay for a photo to illustrate today’s post I was after a real live Brixham UFO. But there wasn’t any. A few of the sceptics would say there’s a reason for that but I like to believe in the weird and wonderful. Anyway instead I thought that I’d make do with this beauty instead. On first glance I thought that it was a mock up with a gas burner and a load of Lego.

I think I’ve seen an UFO but it didn’t take the usual form. I was sailing to the Scillies with my friend Salty Dog. It was nearing sunset and I spotted a large orange rectangular in the sky on the horizon. ‘What the hell is that?’ I asked Salty Dog, a seasoned sailor who’d come across all sorts of seagoing craft and knew a container ship when she saw one. She had no idea. It was before the days of camera phones so I didn’t capture a shot.

In 1967 my home town of Brixham had a close encounter of the third kind of its own. A conventionally saucer shaped spaceship with a door in the side was spotted over the town by the Coastguard and chased by military planes. It hung around over the town for about an hour.

Now I’m one who likes the magical and unexplained but hang out with a crowd who are more down to earth. They are less inclined to be captivated by woo woo than I am. But I mentioned the Brixham UFO to my friend, Mr Metrosexual who has lived in Brixham since the ’60s. Instead of taking the piss he didn’t bat an eyelid. ‘Yes my sister saw it from the school playground.’ There you go. If Mr Metrosexual takes it seriously it must be true!

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