Brixham at Twilight

It’s mainly pictures today. I thought that I’d share some festive shots of Brixham at Twilight that I took on the way back from a wee shopping trip into town to buy odds and sods. Nothing too exciting: flavoured Rennie, baking soda to unblock the kitchen sink and a packet of bagels. It’s all glamour here!

In the inner harbour we have a twinkly Santa and an ever growing population of swans. I don’t remember them being here in such vast quantities when I moved here six years ago. It seems that they don’t use birth control.

Here’s the Adela, a day boat. We buy our fish, straight out of the sea, from its skipper Tristan. Behind is a replica of the Golden Hind. I’m not sure how true to its history but a myriad of pirates to hang out here in the summer months.

Here’s some of the bigger members of the fleet, beam trawlers with sparkles!

And if you look closely, this owner has jazzed up his boat with a Christmas tree!

A different perspective on the harbour. So festive and bustling. It’s good to see that our town remains busy year round now. It’s so good for the local businesses.

The lighty-up octopus is a permanent feature that graces the fish market.

My final photo was taken closer to home. It’s quite a climb to get there and I often stop on the way up. I like to make the excuse that I’m resting but just taking in the view. I’m sure that you’ll agree Brixham at twilight, especially in its festive finery is so worth the pause.

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  1. You have made me (us – my other half) want to return to Devon and have a wander around and revisit places that we used to know xx
    Think 2022 will be the year to do that!

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