The World of Stonehenge

On Saturday I popped up to London on the 6:39 from Newton Abbot. I love that train. It gets me into Paddington at 9:30 ready for a full day of exploring with my lovely blogging companion Aril from Gnat Bottomed Towers. Here’s another link that showcases some of our previous escapades. We normally meet up twice yearly to tick things off our list of weird and wonderful attractions up in the Big Smoke. This time, however, we rocked up at one of the capital’s biggest museums. Until July, the British Museum is showcasing the lives of our ancestors who lived well before Christ in its exhibition ‘The World of Stonehenge’. If you want a sensible overview of the exhibition Aril will posting too. (UPDATE: She has now! Here’s the link.)

Let’s mention the big boy of stone circles itself first of all. Sillies! Of course they couldn’t cart it all the way from the Wiltshire plains to display it in the middle of London. Instead there are timbers from Seahenge, a wooden circle uncovered and excavated from a Norfolk beach. It set the scene nicely.

For those who like a bit of stone don’t fret. There’s plenty in the exhibition including beautifully crafted axes aplenty that come in many hues. Here’s a fine piece, carved with the sun and what appears to be tyre tracks. ‘Evidence that a spaceship landed in ancient times.’ I told Aril definitively. ‘What are you like?’ she replied.

Of course no good exhibition isn’t the same without a game of ‘Spot the Willy’. Here’s one. I saw it from afar.

And more. These were removable just in case you have a need for a more portable phallus.

And this one? Oh no it’s a hat fashioned entirely out of gold.

In fact there was so much of gold in the exhibition that I was ready to dive on the floor when the armed robbers arrived to carry out a heist. There’s even some from Cornwall on the beautiful Nedra Sky Disc, my photo at the top of this post. Here’s another of the beautiful pieces of jewellery on display. Mr T would have had a field day.

And a shot of detailed metalwork on ‘the hat’. Our ancestors didn’t just sit around gnawing bones in damp caves you know.

They had fancy dress parties! Here’s proof that two blokes dressed up as Neptune and his mate.

They also played sport with heavy balls, golf and tennis by the look of things. And they carved little models of viruses. Sadly the microscope that they used wasn’t on display.

What else can I show you? Ah yes! Finds from the stone age version of Claire’s Accessories. How would you ever work out where to put all this adornment?

Happily the museum provided instructions, so Ikea flatpack-esque!

I was very taken by a beautifully preserved 6,000 year old leaf. Little things, little minds and all that.

And the oldest known prosthetic hand gives you some idea of the ingenuity of our forebearers. I was blown over by their talent and artistry.

So as you might guess ‘The World of Stonehenge’ comes highly recommended if you’re in London before the end of the summer. And the pub over the road from the gate does a fine pint of Beavertown Neck Oil if you’re a bit thirsty afterwards.

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