British Fireworks Championship

We hadn’t seen our friend Salty Dog for a few months so a catch up was overdue.   I invited her over to Brixham this week for supper and a swim.  But she trumped me.   ‘Why don’t you come and see me instead?’ We can go and see the fireworks.’  It was an offer that was too good to refuse.  For the annual National Fireworks Championship that is held in Plymouth is a wonderful spectacle.   Unless you’re a real dog that is and not a Salty one.    I don’t think that you’d like it at all.

The competition  is held over two nights each August.  On each date three international manufacturers compete to see who can produce the biggest and best series of flashes and bangs. On the first night this year Spain, China and Italy  were scheduled to fight it out and show the latest innovations in pyrotechnics.   It is always truly overwhelming.   There is always something new to ooh and aah over.

So we took our portable chairs and a bottle of something fizzy down to the Hoe. It’s the big green where Francis Drake played a game of bowls while waiting for the tide to turn so that he could go and fight the Armada.    We went early so that we got a good spot.     I hope that I’ve let the pictures do most of the talking.  As you can see there were no real losers at the first night of the National Fireworks Competition!

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