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I’m getting a fair bit of use out of my e-bike. It’s brought the fun back into cycling. Mind you, I never enjoyed a hill climb even at my fittest. I read a travel article the other day in the Guardian about a self guided e-bike gastronomic tour in Italy that sounded fabulous. It likened being on one of these contraptions as having an invisible giant on hand to give you a push whenever you’re struggling. I totally agree with this lovely description. I’m going through a phase now of accessorising my e-bike with bike bags. After all, once the motorhome is parked up the bikes are our main way that we top up with provisions.

First up is my handlebar bag from Ortlieb, moved over from my old bike. It’s wasn’t cheap but has now got to be over fifteen years old. So it’s stood the test of time and earned its keep. To fit it to my e-bike I needed a special adaptor but now it’s good to go. My phone, purse, repair kit, water bottle and other small items that I need are all to hand when I’m tootling along. Sometimes there’s room for small grocery items. On one trip back to the van my handlebar back was the temporary home to a live crab.

Next up is one of my birthday presents from Hot Stuff. I’m totally in love with it. It’s a Lomo bike bag that goes on my back carrier. It has a huge 15 litre capacity and easily clips onto the shelf with velcro and sprung plastic clips. Around town it converts to a snazzy shoulder bag. As well as holding the bike locks and bits of clothing it makes a great shopper. I came back from town the other day with potatoes, tomatoes, cake, wine and a few other bits and pieces. It also contains a bungie. Its use will be revealed in the next paragraph.

All these bike bags are no good in France when I’ve bought a baguette. The elastic cord is ideal for attaching it to the bike frame. I haven’t used it yet on this bike but here it is on my old manual cycle. Crude but it does the trick!

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