Big Jobs

Now I love a ‘To Do’ list. Ticking things off multiple things each day brings me immense satisfaction. But in the last week I’ve been concentrating on a couple of big jobs. They’re still ongoing. My tick quotient for the week has therefore been woefully poor.

The outside of our home has had the appearance of Steptoe’s yard. I took the first steps in rectifying this. I cleared the side alley of a ton of debris. It looked pleasantly sparse until we had a massive delivery of logs. But that’s part of the reason I made the extra space. With gas bills going up we wanted to be sure that we had a good supply of solid fuel. I also chopped up a load of scrap wood with a cordless electrical saw to make kindling. That wonderful power tool is part of the hoard of good stuff that arrived when Hot Stuff moved in. It’s so useful. I don’t know how I ever lived without one in my life before!

Now I’m onto clearing the plant life off the boundary wall. It’s a big job in its own right as I’m shredding it as I go along. It’s a slow old process and painful. Even with gloves those brambles attack. The next task is sorting out all the stuff that’s been dumped in the back garden. Some will be sold. Other bits and pieces will be stashed away. I also foresee a few trips to our recycling centre. But all this tidying has a purpose. We’re planning a major redesign of our outside space in early 2023. There will be storage for boats and bikes, more growing space and a proper outdoor oven. It’s all very exciting.

I thought that I needed an indoor project as well just in case we get that promised rain. So I’m in the process of cleaning all my carpets. My posh rag rug in the living room has already had the treatment. It was designed by Sarah Campbell for Habitat’s 50th anniversary.  There’s even a video about it. I’m now on a roll cleaning upstairs. I’m doing a bit each day but there’s still a fair way to go. Our carpet cleaner is a heavy beast so I tire easily. Little and often is my mantra.

It’s very tempting to focus on the things that are quick to finish. I’m still getting the pleasure of a near instant tick or two each day. It’s not as many as usual but just enough to let me know that I’m making progress on a daily basis. I’m holding out though for the deeper satisfaction that I’ll get from completing all those big jobs that will radically transform our home.

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  1. Could you make your list include individual carpets (“clean bedroom carpet”) – then you’d tick things off!!
    I make To Do lists and then ignore them. But maybe that’s better than Mr FD who says “I’m going to do — tomorrow” and then doesn’t. Happily, we are generally both of the same mindset (never do today what you can put off till tomorrow. Or next week) so it doesn’t often cause disputes.

    • Ah! Under normal circumstances I would break things down. I’d even have advocated that during my time as an O.T. But I wonder if having some massive chores might give my tick an even bigger sense of achievement? We’ll see.

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