Belly Pork and Bean Stew

I forgot to take a photo of my finished supper from the other night so instead here’s a picture from the preparation stage. Louis left behind a ton of belly pork in our freezer, a purchase at a food fayre. Rather than save it for when he got home I decided to use it as payment for two weeks food and board and a removal service to Cardiff. Seems fair enough to me. I made a proper cowboy stew with it, adding store cupboard ingredients and produce from the allotment. At last it’s paying dividends. Here’s some very vague instructions.

  • I marinated six pieces of belly pork and a chopped onion in barbecue, dark soy and Worcester sauces. It might have been for about four hours. I threw in salt, pepper and smoked paprika too. Sorry as well as vague timing I’ve no idea about quantities. I made it up as I went along. You’ll have to as well!.
  • I then browned the bits of pork in a big pan and put them to one side. After that I fried the onion and a couple of crushed garlic cloves in a bit of rapeseed oil until softened.
  • I popped the pork back into the pan with its marinade, added a can of chopped tomatoes, a can of butter beans, tomato ketchup, a squirt of tomato puree a glug of sherry, some dried mixed herbs and salt and pepper. I added boiling water to cover and simmered for about thirty minutes.
  • I then added top and tailed home grown French beans and the last of a bag of frozen peas.

During the final period of simmering I boiled these pink fir potatoes from the allotment with some mint. Off course they were washed and trimmed beforehand. Buttered, they made a fine accompaniment to the finished belly pork and bean stew. After all that simmering it was flavourful and really gloopy. It would have made any cowboy chef pretty proud.

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