Beetroot Brownies

Just because you think you don’t like a foodstuff  it’s worth trying it  cooked or prepared in a different way.  You may surprise yourself.  I can’t bear celery most of the time but will happily eat it when it has been sauteed or doused in mayonnaise in a Waldorf Salad. However for the truly fussy who won’t budge on their view that beetroot is devil food the ultimate disguise is Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s wonderful ‘Chocolate and Beetroot Brownies’.  I defy any hater to know that they’ve been fed the stuff – unless their wee turns pink. More about that later.

Now I like this recipe in its unadulterated form made with dark chocolate. However I have a partner with a childlike palate. I’ve mentioned in a earlier post that he finds many desserts ‘too chocolately’. What a woose! So I substituted the 70% cocoa stuff in the original recipe with cheap own brand milk chocolate from Tesco. The cake mix looked very insipid so I perked it up with a couple of tablespoons of cocoa and added a good sprinkling of chocolate chips. The beetroot brownie mix took longer to cook than the twenty minutes specified in the recipe but that might be my oven playing up.

The beetroot came from our allotment. I pulled some up the other day, the first of our crop. I noticed a rather large globe peeping from the soil so guessed the crop was ready. It’s a variety that’s a rather pretty mix of white and seaside rock pink. It didn’t stain my fingers and may not produce lurid urine like its deeper hued counterpart. A nurse friend told me about a patient she nursed once. Her pee was bright pink. The staff were convinced that she had a urine infection but more and more elaborate tests kept coming back as negative. Then they found the big jar of pickled beetroot in her belongings.

So did the beetroot brownies pass muster? I should say so. Served with clotted cream ice cream it was a marvellous treat. Hot Stuff moaned that the first piece that I gave him was too small so had seconds. It can’t have been ‘too chocolately’ then!

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  1. Too chocalety! Is that a thing? I find Cadburys Dairy milk sweet and sickly, but that’s the only chocolate Himself will eat, all the rest is too rich for his blood. Means I have to finish his left over puds that are too rich for him. Hard job I know! I once had a slice of chocolate and beetroot sponge cake, loved it. I might have a go at making Hugh’s brownies, they sound delish. Clotted Cream Ice Cream, divine I would guess!

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