Today I’m going to make a recommendation for a book for a wee one. It was Louis’ favourite when he was a toddler. Of course I kept it. However in the spirit of ongoing decluttering I’m going to hand it over to my great niece Lily for her to enjoy. It’s the perfect time to release a possession.

Beegu by Alexis Deacon is about a little three eyed alien who’s been inadvertently left on Earth by her parents. She’s not the shooty-uppy kind of evil invader from space but is very friendly and tries to connect with people on Earth. She struggles with this, possibly because she glows yellow and has three eyes. That is until she comes across the ‘small ones’.

And yes, there is a happy ending. Louis always expected those when he was little. This presumption came to an abrupt end when I took him to see the film ‘Marley and Me’ on a ferry ride over to France. The much loved family pooch becomes terminally poorly at the end of the film. Yes I know that’s a spoiler but it’s with good reason. ‘He’s going to get better, isn’t he?’ asked my son expectantly. In the darkness I gently had to explain the concept of putting animals down. Louis had no prior knowledge that went on in the big wide world. He left the cinema inconsolable. ‘What have you done to him?’ said his dad.

Anyway back to Beegu. It is beautiful on all counts and has no nasty surprises. I particularly love the muted illustrations. If you have a nipper in your life buy it from them or borrow it from your local library. Slow Loris by the same author is hilarious and also merits high praise indeed.

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