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I’m running regularly at the current time, three times a week. Well, when I say run I mean jogging slowly. Apparently my style is odd too. I pass the house of Mr Metrosexual on one of my circuits and he’s spotted me out of the window one day. He says that I have the gait of a crab. I also met a neighbour on one of my jaunts. He applauded my efforts but then told me that it was great to see oldies doing a bit of exercise. Rude!

I sometimes run without headphones. It gives the exercise a meditative stance when I take in what’s going on in the world around me. However at other times I’ll have my years plugged up and listen to music from Spotify. Maybe something with a lively beat helps to push me around. I need all the help that I can get it seems.

In my younger days I didn’t like the Bee Gees. Perhaps it was because they weren’t as pretty and clean cut as Donny Osmond. It was his poster that I kissed on my bedroom door. However that’s all changed now. I find the music of the Bee Gees so joyful and those falsetto voices are unlikely anyone else. And so it was the Gibb Brothers rather than Donny who accompanied me on a blustery run around the other day. I think you will agree that ‘Puppy Love’ lacks rhythm and is a bit cheerless. Here’s a favourite Bee Gees number that I hope will share some cheer.

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