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Sometimes things doesn’t work out as planned and you just have to bear with it. I was going to push ahead with setting up my retirement side hustles after we returned from Spain. But fate had other ideas. I got a call from Louis during the last days of my holiday. ‘Can you take me and my stuff on Cardiff next week?’ Hitching a lift with a house mate hadn’t worked out. I failed to understand the garbled reason why. To be honest I was a little relieved. It would be good to see where he is living and help him settle in. So we booked a hotel with the idea of depositing his stuff to the house on the first day and then taking him shopping to buy essential household kit.

We got another more panicky call on Monday. ‘We now can’t move in until at least the fifteenth. The landlord is doing repairs and there’s no water.’ This was in spite of paying rent from the first of the month. Hmm! And there was me thinking that you had a right to access a property where you are a tenant. Online advice from the housing charity Shelter is helping with negotiating this minefield. We think that some compensation is required.

In the meantime all Louis’ stuff from his dad’s house has been moved to mine. There are boxes and bags everywhere. His laptop is on my crafting table and there’s a 1,000 piece jigsaw in progress on the dining table, my only other workspace. The fridge is stuffed full of weird delicacies that he bought at a food fayre. His girlfriend has moved in too. She was going to stay with him for the first couple of days until her own house became available. It all adds to the chaos caused by Hot Stuff moving in. For my own sanity my own activities are on the back burner.

But I still have my laptop, aptly named because there isn’t any other workspace to put it on! I can draw up business plans, create spreadsheets watch YouTube videos that will teach me the tricks of the various trades and refine my digital drawing skills. And I’ve also been spending some time with my son helping him to apply for jobs and acquire some of the skills that he needs to live on his own. Maybe the delay works well for both of us.

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