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A mosaic is nearing completion! I’m going to show it off shortly but my thoughts are already turning to my next piece. It’s a possible submission for the ‘In my Head’ category for Grayson’s Art Club. Now many of my regular readers may have suspected I am batty but let me explain why this is actually so. I have a lesion in the shape of a winged mouse in the occipital lobes of my brain. My entry into the competition will definitely have to incorporate a bat.

The story starts about four years ago. I fancied a new pair of glasses purely because I was bored with my old specs. It was pure vanity because I hadn’t noticed any new problems with my sight. There’s a story that my friends tell of how I mistook an Easyjet plane for a buzzard but that easily predated my optician visit. I think the line that is oft repeated is ‘Are you joking? It’s orange and it’s got wheels!’.

The lovely lady who did my examination noticed that there was something amiss and repeated one of the tests three times. It’s the one that looks at peripheral vision and you have to spot the dots. I hadn’t noticed any of the ones at the very top of my vision field. Oops! To cut a long story short the ophthalmologist referred me on. I had a number of hospital visits including an MRI scan on my head. That’s when the evidence came to light that I’d had a stroke.

The good news was that I didn’t even know that anything had happened. What’s more my eyesight seemed completely normal in everyday life Apparently it’s reasonably common in fifty somethings. If they scanned everyone’s head a few more people of my age would receive the same diagnosis.

I counted myself unbelievably lucky. I was put on lifelong medication and stepped up the lifestyle changes that I’d already made, healthier eating, less alcohol and more exercise. Most importantly I paid attention to my emotional state. I’d been through an immensely difficult time before the problem was identified and believe to this day that extreme stress may have triggered the event.

You’ll be pleased to know that there’s a happy ending I went for another eye test two years and found that my brain had rewired itself around my personal bat. He’s been put to bed and may be hanging upside down as I speak. Isn’t the body a wonderful self healer?

So what’s the moral of the story? Practice extreme self care and don’t forget to have your eyes tested regularly. Oh and live life to the full today! None of us knows what is around the corner.

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