Badge Cushion

My boy is back next week for a visit that coincides with his long awaited driving test. I’m hoping that he’ll have more success than his mother. I had to take mine three times before I was given the all clear to go on the road. Louis thinks that it’s doubtful that I’d pass my test now. He told me on the way up the M5 when I was moving him into his new home. I was tempted to dump him on the hard shoulder with his stuff piled high. Cheeky bugger!

Anyway in preparation for the visitation I’ve been up to the loft room in the sky. While I was up there I took a picture of Louis’ badge cushion. I like it. It reminds me of a miniature version of my Mad Walls. Louuis has been building his badge collection for a number of years now. There’s ones from places that he’s visited and things that have meaning for him. I’ve even donated a few of my own. My old OT membership badge that I used to wear on my uniform is on there.

I used to collect badges when I was a youngster too. I had a beanie hat crammed with them. It wasn’t the most elegant accessory I’ve ever owned but I liked it. I also had a campfire blanket during my time in Guiding. It contain badges from earlier groups that came off old uniforms as I came up the ranks.

I’ve decided that I might like a badge cushion of my own and it could live in the van. Here’s the first badge that I bought, spotted on eBay. Even with postage it cost less than two quid. It a lovely little vintage souvenir from the French version of Land’s End, one of three that we visited in the space of a year. Now it’s just a matter of finding a cushion to pin it on.

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