Bad Holiday Habits

I’ve written a post about ‘Tiny Habits’by B J Fogg before. And I’m pleased to report that I’m continuing to use the principles outlined in the book to make lasting positive changes in my life. A few weeks back I made a concerted effort to embed a new tiny habit each day for a week. Most of those changes stuck. I’m planning to write about what I did on another occasion so watch out for another post.

The routine of home life helps the establishment of healthy habits. But I’ve noticed in the past that things go to pot when I go away. Bad holiday habits set in. Many of you will be familiar with this. So many new and delicious treats to try and cheap, good quality wine aplenty in continental supermarkets. No wonder I start to go astray. It’s not just problems with what I put in my gob that arise. It’s harder to maintain spiritual practices when I have less time alone. My daily meditation and gratefulness practice is easy when I have rooms to myself. It’s less so when I’m sharing space in the motorhome, essentially one 6m x 2m room housing two adults. As we’ll be away more often now we’re retired the problem is compounded.

So, I’m trying to work out how to prevent some of the bad holiday habits from setting in. One thing I’m trying to do is replicate routines from home. I fill my water bottle when I make the tea in the morning for instance and then keep it with me. And after cleaning my teeth in the morning, I’ll take my vitamins and hayfever inhaler I remember to do these last two because all my medication is kept in the bathroom cabinet alongside my toothbrush. So I’m putting all the same gear in a big makeup bag in the van just to prompt me in a similar way. I’m being mindful of buying healthy food when we shop abroad even though the occasional patisserie item sneaks in.

But I’m remembering too that while I’m on holiday my lifestyle will be different. Isn’t that some of the point of being away? So I cut myself some lack too. I can always resume those healthy habits in earnest when we get back home.

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