Here’s my ultimate dessert dream from childhood, an illustration from The Cat In The Hat Dictionary Beginner Book a very well thumbed volume from my early years and still available now.  This funny clever book would be an ideal gift for the little peeps in your life. And wow! I see that there’s a Spanish version. That’s the one that I’ve given the link for. Maybe it’s the ideal present for the Duolingo learning adult in your life!  But enough of the advertising that will benefit the beneficiaries of the estate of my beloved and dearly departed Dr Seuss. Today’s subject is a bad diet day where yes, ice cream, one of my favourite foods featured..

I’m being remarkably good at recording both my food intake and exercise onto my phone’s My FitnessPal app even on the days where my calorie intake goes horrifically over allowance.  The other Friday I had a incy wincy blowout and was told, in no uncertain terms, that if I continued eating like this on a day to day basis I’d be six pounds heavier in five weeks!  

Let’s start with the positives shall we? I walked over ten thousand steps and had a nice juicy pear as a snack. Our supermarket shop was full of healthy stuff apart from the two bags of crisps that I bought for Hot Stuff. After all I’m racing him to lose a stone so have to place obstacles in his way whenever I can. In the fair to middling realm, breakfast was a bagel with marmite. Mmmm! So far so good but let’s get onto the naughty stuff.

I knew it was going to be a tough day for sticking to calories as Hot Stuff had arranged to go to the fish and chip shop with friends who’ve just moved here. Somehow this involved trips to the pub before and after the meal too. A good time was had by all. But in the middle of the day I also popped into town to post a parcel. ‘Shall we have a pint?’ suggested Hot Stuff. And then to walk it off we just happened to pass our favourite ice cream parlour. Thanks to the lovely lady who is super generous with her scooper my dessert ended up looking just like the one that the little bear has got in today’s picture. Hazelnut topped with rum and raisin in a waffle cone went down a treat.

I’m not writing this post to beat myself up. A Bad Diet day really doesn’t happen very often. The weight loss is going in the right direction. It just goes to show that it really is okay to have a naughty blow out every so often.

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  1. I’ve had over a week of bad diet days. Summer begins unofficially this weekend, so I’ll focus again. The words and pictures of Dr Seuss is childhood!

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