An Alternative Student Life in Cardiff

Back at the end of last summer my son Louis decided that he didn’t want to go to university to study engineering after all. He’s been scratching his head thinking about what he’s going to do instead. He continued working at my favourite seafood restaurant into the autumn. Was it my imagination that our portion size there became more generous? Since the New Year he’s been working as a classroom assistant. He’s has a idea that he may want to be a teacher driven by a talent when it comes to interacting with kids. It’s one of many options that he’s exploring.

In the meantime he’s been travelling back and forth to the Welsh capital. Both his best friend and girlfriend live and study there so I understand the allure. There comes a time when a parent can’t compete with their child’s peer group. The other day his bestie asked if he would like to move into her shared student house next year. A detail in one of the exhibits at the Grayson’s Art Club exhibition brought into mind what this transition into adulthood could be like!

After an evening of mulling over the geographical and financial implications he’s accepted. My boy will have a an alternative student life in Cardiff but without doing a traditional university degree. He’s applying for degree apprenticeships where he’ll study alongside full time employment. The other alternative is that he will get a less demanding job and do an Open University maths degree. Both options are way cheaper than the traditional undergraduate route.

I took today’s photo outside the main station in Cardiff. It’s a city I’ve visited several times but I don’t know it well. I’m looking forward to exploring and becoming more familiar with it. For I know my place as a parent whose child is soon to fly the nest. No doubt I’ll be called to Wales for supplies, laundry duties and the odd bit of trouble shooting!

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  1. 40-mumble years ago Mr FD had a wonderful three years at Cardiff Uni. It is a good city, I think. Chapeau to Louis for taking time to consider options sensibly before making a decision. AND for working while doing it and not just loafing around.

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