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When I was young I was of the belief that no-one had ever navigated the whole length of the Amazon. I’m not sure whether the idea came from or whether it was true or not. I’m sure someone must have done it by now. Anyway it’s a fascinating ‘fact’ that I’ve retained.

My post isn’t about the mighty river that’s in today’s picture. No I’m going to talk about that big company that sells us stuff. Quite a lot of stuff as far as this house is concerned. Books, DIY products, clothing, food and cables for electronics. Even though we’re careful about our spending they seem to arrive quite often! As we visit the high street and out of town malls less and less we’re nearly on best mate terms with the lovely man who delivers around here.

I’ve been thinking about monetising my blog but in a way that’s discreet. I find those features that are stuffed to the gunnels with pop up ads as annoying as the next person. After a bit of soul searching I decided to share links using the Amazon affiliate scheme. You’ll notice a disclaimer at the bottom of posts when I’ve done so. After all we use the company to buy all sorts of bits and bobs and subscribe to Prime. The delivery service is second to none, refunds are easy and there’s so much choice. I’m rather taken by the range of secondhand books that I can get hold of and the cheap refurbished items that I pick up. I often don’t buy new.

I’ll still be shopping locally. I’ll also continue to write posts about the smaller traders out there and sharing links to their businesses. However the logistics of affiliating myself to schemes linking me to smaller companies seemed much trickier to access. So every so often there will be a link to Amazon’s marketplace. I promise that I won’t peddle crap or advertise anything that I don’t personally recommend. Anything you buy after entering the site through the link makes me a small profit. Less than a quid so far. Nothing to write home about yet but a tiny step in the right direction! There will be no hard sell but if you’re thinking of buying on the site anyway please consider clicking through from mine. Anything you buy even if I haven’t recommended it might count towards a small bit of commission. After all, every little helps now we’re poor pensioners!

Disclosure: I may earn commission from purchases through a link in this post.

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