Allotment Update

Today’s picture for my allotment update is a bit of a cheat. For this magnificent beastie is not on our own plot but decorates another on the way into the site. While we were away our friends Mr Metrosexual and Ruff Stu looked after our veggies buoyed on by the thought of an alcoholic reward. They were diligent in their efforts but had to work much harder than we’d imagined. Who’d have thought there would be near drought conditions throughout our time away?

We came back to a fair bit of weeding. The boys were fearful of pulling much up. Some things had died and other things have been nibbled but we’re a mite philosophical. As it’s our first year of tenure we’re not sure what will be successful. Red chard is a goer though as is the beetroot in the neighbouring row. We also harvested broad beans, about a pound and a half from just a few plants. We’ll pop more of those in last year. I made a lunchtime salad from our first crop. The beans were so fresh that I didn’t even have to peel the pods.

We have potatoes aplenty. All that chitting has been worthwhile.

And these tomato plants that are doing nicely. They were free, the best price of all! They germinated from the stuff that we threw in the compost heap last year. We’ve also got about seven plants at home. Fingers crossed we won’t be short of tomatoes.

And our corn seems to be doing okay. I took this picture before we tidied up. See what I mean about the weeds. Our task at the moment is keeping on top of them. And that soil gets so dry so we’re watering for England. I might treat ourselves to an extra watering can later in this week so that we can double up when doing this necessary chore. I’ll do another allotment update in a little while. It’s early days but I might have some positive news about our soft fruit.

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  1. It seems everyone is struggling with heat and water issues. I hope you keep having success. My problem too is aim not always sure what are weeds.

    • My boys had that problem. They pulled up some of Hot Stuff’s parsnips! Even though it is past their sowing season we are going to give them another go. It is a mild climate here and it might work.

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