Allotment Cat

This is allotment cat! This lovely chap has come to greet me a couple of times while I’ve been going about my chores on our plot. I think he’s a boy. Didn’t I read somewhere that all ginger pusses are toms? I tried to get a picture that was better composed but he’s way too wriggly. Even in the hottest weather this guy is up for lots of attention. Although I don’t have any animals living with me I’m very fond of other people’s pets. I’ve even volunteered to dog sit while friends are away on holiday later in the year. More about that at the time no doubt.

Throughout my life I’ve had canine and feline friends and I reminisce fondly about them. There was Rip the German Shepherd who lived next door when I was tiny. I used to meet up in the garden and read him stories over the fence. And as a student occupational therapist Mayhem, the neighbour’s cat, used to visit while I was doing essay. He’d snuggle up on the bed if I had a siesta. His last visit to the house was just after Louis was born. He walked into the house, saw a baby and hopped it!

But throughout my adult life I’ve never had pets of my own. The reason is very easy. I just don’t want the responsibility. Travelling and doing my own thing is a priority and having an animal would complicate things. Someone once, a multiple cat owner, told me that my attitude was very selfish. I found this puzzling for I thought quite the opposite. Wouldn’t it be way worse if I took on the care of an animal and resented its presence or worse still, didn’t look after it properly?

So I’ll continue with my current policy of being super cat and dog friendly. So allotment cat is very welcome indeed. I see my role as like a grandparent or great aunt. I can enjoy their company and play with them for a short amount of time. Then I give them back to their parents!

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