It’s dry January but I never participate. Mind you, I’ve gone a couple of Lents without a drink touching my lips. My relationship with alcohol has been less than ideal in the past. I’ll ‘fess up and admit that I used to put away far too much in the past. On reflection I was drawn into a culture where drinking featured heavily. The accountancy profession in the eighties and nineties was like that. I also believe that I was using it to self-medicate, short term relief from intense anxiety and stressors. Of course there are better home remedies and outside help as well. Here’s a useful link so that those in the UK can look for extra support if they need it.

My intake now is far more moderate, slow and steady rather than periods of enforced abstinence. Maybe cutting down a wee bit more might be wise but there’s been a vast improvement. I still think it’s lovely to share a bevvy with friends but hangovers and blurred recollection are things of the past. Here’s a bottle that we treated ourselves to for Christmas, a recommendation from a friend as funnily enough, I’ve never tried rum before. Even though it is very more-ish it’s likely to last a fair few months, maybe even until the next festive season. The sharp eyed will see a barrel of our homebrew in the back of the picture too. Forty pints lasts a far while. It wouldn’t have made it through a week in the past.

One of the things that I do these days is replace alcohol for interesting non alcoholic drinks. Hot Stuff bought me a Sodastream for Christmas, a joint present in reality. We have masses of cordials and concentrates that we’re working our way through. Belvoir’s ginger cordial is a bit of a favourite and I’ve just discovered Robinson’s lime and mint one. Delicious and so grown up!

I once worked with someone who struggled immensely with their alcohol intake. They warned against the dangers of glorifying alcohol use. ‘It’s all very well posting all those pictures over Facebook holiday when dolled up and drinking big glasses of Prosecco.’ they said. And then they added, ‘It isn’t glamourous like that for me. Food for thought. Because of this I’m careful about how I portray drinking on social media. You’ll find an occasional shot where I’m giving a toast but they’re rare. It’s intentional that alcohol is not portrayed as a central theme in my world.

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  1. After college years, drinking was more related to social settings. My tolerance got lowered so now it takes less than three drinks to make me feel it the next day, even if spread out. I still have occasion when my glass is refilled more than I would have planned and yes, I feel it. You sound like you’ve a healthy view of it as a beverage and not a lifestyle.

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