Photo: Airtight Artwork

I love a bit of recycling and seeing what other folk can do with found, broken and discarded objects. I’m even having a go myself by using unwanted jewellery in my mosaics. Another one is on the go at the moment. However some people are absolute masters at turning the unwanted into items that can be treasured. They take creativity to a different level.

Photo: Airtight Artwork

For instance, there’s a guy in South Carolina called Matt who is an upcycler extraordinaire. I absolutely love his work. Every so often he produces a wonderful flock of birds made out of cutlery and other metal bits and bobs mounted onto reclaimed material, metal, wood and the like. Unsurprisingly the gaggle of birdies sells out almost immediately. He has crafted other creatures too. There’s an owl, a squirrel and an absolutely marvellous praying mantis. Here’s a link to the Airtight Artwork Instagram page so you can have a proper look.

Photo: Airtight Artwork

All my pictures today are taken from the February 2022 flock release. Isn’t it lovely when someone makes a living out of using stuff that is no longer useful? I’m very inspired. I just need to learn to weld!

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    • That’s so kind. I’d love that. Although aren’t Customs charges a bit of a barrier when sending stuff from France these days? I’ll message you in the next couple of days to see if we can sort something out.

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