‘Tis the season to be jolly. Advent has arrived To be honest we don’t go particularly overboard. If I reframe Christmas dinner in my head as a fancy roast it doesn’t cause much stress. Hot Stuff has already made a Christmas pudding. He’d already been generous with the brandy when soaking the fruits. I didn’t realise and popped in another generous glug….or two!

We’re home alone this year by choice. As I’m working in the in-between days between Christmas and New Year we won’t be going anyway. A lie in, a wintery swim or walk, people popping in for drinks and sitting by the fire watching movies may be on the cards. To be honest, I’m looking forward to a few moments of peace.

Louis will be off to his dad’s. He alternates between parents during the festive season. I’ll pack him off with a chocolatey stocking and his presents to unwrap. Before the big day though he loves his advent calendar, this rather marvellous one made for him by his aunt a number of years ago. He brought it downstairs the other day. ‘Fill this Mum.’ he said in his booming bass voice. Where has my little boy gone? I was already onto it. As usual, a Ferrero Rocher has gone into each drawer.

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  1. Our lads are now 21 and 23, when they were about 12 – 14 I thought that they would be old enough to stop getting a stocking but they complained bitterly to a friend of mine who, on their behalf, gave me a ‘firm talking to’ – now I make 4 stockings, one each for the boys and now their girlfriends ……

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