ACIM: The Lessons

I wrote before about how I first came across The Course in Miracles many years ago and finally acquired my own copy. Even though I was anxious to absorb its contents It’s a hard book to get to grips with. So I joined an online study group. However the leaders had to dissolve this due to other personal commitments and my practice dissolved away again. What to do?

Well the first thing I decided was to commit a set time to studying the text. So I’ve jiggled my day around. First thing seemed to be a sensible option and then I could follow up with a meditation session. This has been my routine for nearly a month now so it seems to be working.

I also decided that I needed some help with the text. Now there’s quite a few facilitators to choose from on YouTube. I’m not quite sure what lead me to pick Coreen and Nouk but I’ve stuck with them and have started to studying the year’s worth of daily lessons. Maybe I’ll pick different teachers to gain another perspective if I repeat the course next year.

And it’s coming along nicely. I’m gaining a different perspective about my thinking processes. The lessons ask for practice periods throughout the day. I got in a pickle remembering these before but it’s not a problem on this occasion. Maybe this denotes it’s the right time for me to study the text?

The book is in three parts: the text, the workbook that contains the lessons and a manual for teachers. I want to get to grips with the text too. So next week I’m going to assign a weekly study spot to study part of a chapter. I’ve just got to find another YouTube teacher or teachers to help me.

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