About Me

Warmest welcomes to my online home. In real life my house is just a stone’s throw from the sea in beautiful South Devon. My boyfriend Hot Stuff nearly lives here. We’re in the throes of selling his home in Somerset. My teenage son, Louis, is currently hanging out in the loft while he decides what to do with his life.. Hot Stuff and I often venture further afield in Klaus the Knaus, our aged German motorhome leaving the teenager home alone. What could possibly go wrong?

I work as a mental health occupational therapist but I’m of an age where I’m dreaming and scheming of a very active retirement. My story will unfurl as this blog progresses but as a little taster I love to travel, cook, eat,  navel gaze, create, improve myself, swim in the sea, paddle in my kayak,  dance in fields and share love and experiences with my family and friends.

Since I was wee, I’ve always loved using writing as a medium of expression. Not only does  it allows me to share the world that I’ve chanced upon but it also acts as the impetus to seek and do stuff that I can write about! 

Received wisdom in the social media world says that I should focus in one subject area but balls to that! I have a busy brain so I’m keeping it eclectic. People will have to just stumble here by accident. I’m aiming to create a little patch of the Internet that instils happiness, creativity and compassion for self and others, I hope that you’ll be to take inspiration and laughter from what you find here.