A Theatre For Dreamers

My bookworm mojo may be re-established. Perhaps the HRT is working and is starting to restore my concentration. I’ve read a book again and it took just over a week. Well actually I’ve read two in a couple of months now but one was a struggle so I’m not going to talk about it. I can thorough recommend Polly Samson’s A Theatre for Dreamers though. I’m not the only person who was mesmerised. The list of positive reviews on the Amazon list seems endless.

The novel is set on the Greek island of Hydra in 1960 and is told through the eyes of a young girl. She goes to the island and meets up with a former friend of her recently deceased mother. Now any self respecting Leonard Cohen fan will know that he bought a house there and set up home with his lover and muse, Marianne Ihlen. And, of course Leonard features heavily in the book, as do other literary figures of the time.

When reading this, it’s actually quite hard to remember that this is a piece of fiction. It’s almost as if it is documenting real life events in their minutiae. Now life on a Greek Island hobnobbing with one of the greatest singer songwriters of all time seems like every hedonist’s dream. However the story portrays the dark side of this lifestyle to good effect. Maybe it’s a warning about how I spend my time as retirement looms!

Now I am one of the aforementioned massive fans of Leonard Cohen. I love any excuse to share his music. You’d think that I might pick on ‘So Long Marianne’ as it seems fitting in the context of this post. However I’m not going to do this. It’s not a favourite. Instead here’s the video of ‘Happens to the Heart’, one of his last songs. It’s dark and brooding as you’d expect from Leonard. Maybe he was reflecting on his time on Hydra in this song.

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  1. Live the video. I can’t listen to his final songs without feeling so desperately sad. I miss him being in the world.

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