A Different Swim

Have wetsuit will travel! It came with me on our trip back to my parent’s Essex home just in case I fancied more than a paddle in the Thames Estuary. My journey brought me to Thorpe Bay at high tide on Friday morning where I swam along the foreshore. It’s such a different swim to my usual Devon dip.

Of course there’s the variation in scenery when I’m doing a different swim. I’m not used to looking out to sea and seeing an urban landscape. Here’s a picture that I took later in the day that shows the wind turbines and the oil refineries over on the Kent shore. And the swimming experience is poles apart. I didn’t go out far but stayed parallel to the beach. There I got a good practical demonstration of ‘tidal drift’. I struggled to gain any distance in a westerly direction. However when I headed back the other way I was so speedy that I could have given Michael Phelps a run for his money.

My cover picture for today comes from a current exhibit at the Beecroft Gallery in Southend, work stemming from evening classes in the East End of London at the start of the last century. It’s an olden day picture by Brynhild Parker from the late twenties or early thirties. Of course the bathing machines have gone but the location is pretty similar. Thank goodness it wasn’t this windy on Friday!

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