A Desperate Need to Pluck

Every so often I ponder what my luxury item would be if I was marooned in the style of Desert Island Discs.  An ever replenishing supply of crafting materials maybe? Perhaps a jacuzzi would get my vote.   However unless I could argue the case for them being an essential item it might have to be a pair of good quality tweezers. For very tangible reasons I have a desperate need to pluck!

Hair growth on women other than in obvious places isn’t entirely abnormal.  I believe that teaching this in schools would save a bit of heartache.   For instance, I always had wildly hairy arms in my younger years. Thank goodness I didn’t go down the slippery path of shaving them.  Inexplicably, they’ve disappeared now.   Instead since menopause  my chin seems to have had the hormonal equivalent of Miracle-Gro liberally scattered on it.    Left to its own devices my facial follicles could easily muster up a beard. Its bushiness means that becoming a member of ZZ Top is a very viable option.

So two to three times weekly I have to deforest. I’ll admit to a little less diligence when COVID-19 restrictions ramped up. Those masks, while not particularly fetching, cover a multitude of grooming sins. Thank goodness for my tweezers from Superdrug. To keep them safe and easy to find they have a special ‘Robin’ storage tin,  a relic of a Batman themed Happy Meal.   On the odd occasions I forget to put them back and lose them momentarily in the depths of my bag. The panic that I feel when this happens might be seen as disproportionate.

I’m not too concerned about getting stuck on that desert island. Adaptability and confidence are my middle names. I’d be able to work out the logistics when it came food, shelter and the like.  My only fear relates to when I’m eventually found.    Without those luxury tweezers my rescuers would turn up and find a woman looking like that ’70s TV character, Catweazle!

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  1. Girls(Jane included) I’ve been given an electric chin hair zapper only problem for me is I can’t see to zap them, have to pluck by feel !! A lunch/ zapping for 3 date must be arranged. X

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