A Course in Miracles: The Green One

When I was a student back in the ’80s I vividly recall browsing in a bookstore and being drawn to a  big fat book. It was on a display table rather than the shelves. The cover had green writing and gold lettering.  ‘Buy me.’ it seemed to call .  However it was mega expensive for the time, about twenty five quid. That’s a lot for a book even now.   So I interpreted the automatic thought as the inner cry to impulse spend.  It was an urge that I didn’t always resist as evidenced by my collection of jumpsuits and the rather well worn student overdraft facility. But on this occasion, I curbed the desire.  I left the shop without it.

Over the years I’m surprised that I thought about this incident on and off.  I always regretted my decision. It was a bit odd as things that I leave unpurchased in shops don’t normally cross my mind. Then five years ago I started to hear about  ‘A Course in Miracles’ from some of the online spiritual teachers that I follow.  The penny dropped. ‘That’s the book I saw years ago.’ I thought  I did a  Google Image search and found copy after copy with sombre blue covers.   ‘I must have been mistaken.’  I told myself.  Even so I went ahead and bought the Kindle download version. But  I hankered after a traditional paper read. So I went back online in search of a secondhand copy.

And here is it, super cheap because it is such an old battered edition. So I wasn’t dreaming after all! Do you know if someone told me it was the exact same one as I saw in that shop years ago it wouldn’t surprise me? Recently ‘A Course in Miracles’ has come off my own bookshelf and I’ve started to read it in earnest. It’s a tricky one but I’m having help from an online study group. More on its teachings in later posts once I’ve got a better grip with the message.

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