A Bit of Sketching

When I wrote the other day about Tidy Creativity I mentioned that I’d bought a digital drawing pad. Things hadn’t been going that well with learning to use it. So I’ve decided to go back to basics and do a bit of sketching using pencil and paper. Here are the results. I thought that I’d stick to a theme, try to develop my own style and use symbols from my Brixham, my home town as inspiration. The reason for choosing some of the subject matter for my little cartoons will be obvious even to those who aren’t very familiar with the town. I live by the seaside after all. But what’s that cow doing there? Well back in the depths of time Brixham’s population divided their activities between farming and fishing. People either lived in Cowtown or Fishtown.

The problem with the digital art is that I haven’t found a teach yourself video that shows me exactly what I want to learn. Most start with an assumption that you’re a bit au fait with digital drawing (I’m not). Others have an end product in sight that’s nothing like anything that I want to produce. That’s where a bit of sketching has come in handy.

What I’m going to do is try to replicate my little drawings in digital form and even improve them in the process. In doing so I’m hoping to learn the techniques that I need. Do you see that fish for instance. Well those arrows and numbers denote that I want to work out how to surround the middle fish with identical mirror images. I’ve got to suss how to do this. I’m using a free drawing app called Krita. It’s free, open source and comes highly regarded. However people have admitted it might be hard to grasp to begin with. ‘Shall I give up and use Photoshop?’ I asked a graphic designer friend. ‘No’, was his answer. ‘It’s bloody expensive.’ So I’ll persevere with the freebie. I hope to show off my efforts in the near future.

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